SHOWTIME’s gripping series “HOMELAND” is a huge hit, but it misses the target for eagle-eyed viewers who catch its goofs, blunders and mishaps.

The cable TV drama stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a CIA agent on probation, and Damian Lewis, who portrays Nicholas Brody. He’s a turncoat U.S. Marine sergeant working for terrorist Abu Nazir, played by Iranian-born actor Navid Negahban. The Emmy-winning drama is now in its second season and draws more than 2 million viewers.

In one startling gaffe this season, a merchant’s stall that’s supposed to be in a Beirut, Lebanon, market­place displays Hebrew signs advertising a T-shirt for a Jerusalem soccer team. And another shot displays the distinctive Tel Aviv skyline, showing the film location to be in Israel – not Lebanon!

The show gets “lost at sea” when Claire Danes’ character Carrie is taken to a safe house that overlooks the ocean in Nicosia, Cyprus. Just one problem – the ocean is not visible from Nicosia!

Even when filming back in the U.S., the series some­times confuses the location.

In the first series, the wife of Mandy Patinkin’s char­acter, CIA operative Saul, rushes off to the airport from a Washington, D.C., suburb in a cab with “Charlotte, NC” blazoned across its door! And the airport door states, “Charlotte-Douglas Interna­tional Airport.”

Another time, Brody’s wife Jessica is shown bringing home groceries in bags la­beled – a chain of stores exclusive to the Charlotte area where “Homeland” is filmed, but not the DC metro area where the story takes place.

In a baffling oversight, the rank of Lewis’ character Brody seems to change, judging by his uniform.

At one point he appears to be a gunnery sergeant. Then in a formal dinner scene, he is in dress blues with only a sergeant’s rank and is referred to as “sergeant.” If the gunnery sergeant rank is correct, he would be referred to by that rank or informally called “Gunny.”

Even heart-tugging, patri­otic scenes get botched.

In a flashback, Iraqis put a pistol to Brody’s head and force him to kneel beside a hole he just dug. He sings the U.S. Marine Corps Hymn – but unbelievably gets some of the lyrics wrong.

He sings: “First to fight for right and country…” and “Proud to bear the title…” The correct lyrics are “First to fight for right and freedom…” and “Proud to claim the title.”