Chumlee Not Dead!

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“Pawn Stars” fan fave CHUMLEE takes to social media to announce he’s very much alive despite dramatic weight loss death scare.

Chumlee aka Austin Russell from “Pawn Stars’ is the latest celeb to become the vic of an internet death hoax.

As “news” of his shocking demise spread through the meme-centric hyperbolic hypserspeed internet Chumlee whipped out his mobile and got Tweetin’.

“May we live long, Rich forver,” Chumlee addressed the multi-dudes.

The false rumor erupted from a bottom feeding blogger looking to make a name for their site saying that The Chumster had died suddenly at age 31 from a heart attack.

Needless to say Twit-heads who don’t bother to do something as simple as say “Google the News” retweeted the lie as fact.

Rick Harrison, Chumless boss and Pawn co-star also tweeted the happy news debunking the report.

“@chumlee_is ALIVE & WELL! He is 101 lbs down & is in the best health of the life! Thanks for you concern! He is filming today at GS Pawn.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Chumlee had sparked health fears with his recent dramatic weight loss.

In an interview Chumlee confessed, “I’m eating right. Well-balanced diet. I drink a fruit smoothie every morning.”

Previously un-dead celebs have included Jackie Chan, John Waters and “F” Troop legend Larry Storch among others.