WATCH: Chuck Todd: ‘Meet The Press’ Host Needs ENQUIRER Education

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“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd — he of the unfortunate facial hair — occupies a hallowed role in journalism, and one made legendary by the dogged reporting and integrity of those who held it before him.

Unfortunately, Chuck has done this role — and us, dear readers, who ENQUIRERMAN is called upon again to defend against liars, the lazy, and rogues — a terrible disservice.

It’s not a mistake that Chuck’s predecessor, Tim Russert, would have made.

On the April 13 edition of “Meet the Press Daily,” Chuck interviewed one Roger Stone, a self described political dirty trickster who once worked for Richard Nixon. Readers of The National ENQUIRER will recognize him as a regular source and contributor.

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As seen in the video below, Chuck asked Roger about a story we published last year — and then wryly added a follow-up: “Have you ever been a source for The National ENQUIRER?”

Roger replied, “Yes.”

“You have?” Chuck tut-tutted, a self-satisfied smirk warping that awful hirsute face.

“Because I know reporters who work there,” Roger began. “I know one reporter…”

“Successful story?” Chuck interrupted. “Meaning something that you believed was true and you got out there and it proved to be right?”

“Something that was true, yes,” Roger replied.

“You ever knowingly pushed a false story?” Chuck asked.

“No, but you don’t ignore a media outlet that has 6 million readers…not in America today,” Roger replied.

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Here’s the thing, Chuck. Roger has been quoted dozens of times in The ENQUIRER — and that’s just in the last year, alone. In our April 5, 2017 issue, he even wrote a by-lined column! So, too, did he write one in our Oct. 26, 2016 issue. You couldn’t have missed his picture topping the text.

Here’s my point, Chuck, and frankly, I’m shocked I have to make it. If you had bothered to even do a minimum of reporting, an iota’s worth, before going on TV and asking those questions — moreover asking them in a way as to suggest that Roger is somehow pushing false stories on us in a sinister way and then hiding in the shadows, afterward, as a political dirty trickster would — you’d already know the answer and could have spared America your ignorance. Your hypocrisy. Your laziness.

See, I just don’t get it with you guys… and gals, meaning I don’t understand how you can, in good conscience, again and again and again, go on TV and call us out, impugn our reporting, when you don’t have the common courtesy to do your own!

I don’t get it.

Rachel Maddow has done it. Chris Matthews has done it. I would have thought you were above this kind of crap. But there you have it. Even Chuck Todd is guilty.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The lamestream media has long been guilty of this sort of thing, relying on stereotypes, broad generalizations and preconceived notions, rather than actual, nuts-and-bolts shoe leather journalism. They live in their ivory towered echo chambers on Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan and they don’t bother to lift a finger to listen to America, to get into the field. To do the work.

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It’s the same problem that caused all of them to be so shocked on Nov. 7 and 8, when Hillary Clinton failed in her bid for the presidency. Why are they shocked? Like Rachel. Like Chris. Like, now, Chuck, they just go on TV and spout nonsense, relying on old generalizations. Watch the “Meet the Press” exchange here…

In just the last three months, I’ve sent free subscriptions to Maddow and Matthews at NBC headquarters in 30 Rockefeller Center, so that next time they take our name in vain on national TV, they’ll actually do it in an informed manner.

I’ve again asked my circulation department to send yet another free copy, this time to Chuck. My circulation guy is getting suspicious. He thinks I have family there, or am running some sort of illicit resale scheme.

He doesn’t trust me when I tell him the building is a den of rogues, liars and lazy reporters. That the fabled 30 Rock is full of people who refuse to do their homework and need to be educated. But what can I do? It’s a battle I must continue to fight. So, we’ll send yet another ENQUIRER subscription — although something tells me it won’t be the last!