The woman who found Robin Williams’ body remains inconsolable over his loss, sources tell The National ENQUIRER.

The actor’s longtime friend and personal assistant, Rebecca Erwin Spencer, entered his home in Tiburon, Calif., on Aug. 11 after he failed to answer the door.

She walked into his bedroom at 11:45 a.m. and discovered the 63-year-old star with a belt around his neck, wedged between the closet door and the 

Robin’s body was in a “slightly suspended” position, and there were “superficial” cuts on his left wrist, according to first responders.

The day after making the grisly discovery, Spencer, 57, posted a photo of Robin performing in one of many USO tours on Facebook, with the caption, “What a time we had!”

The heartbroken Spencer – who lives five minutes away from Robin – was spotted visiting his home in the days after his death, wearing sunglasses and “looking distraught,” according to a witness.

“On Tuesday, she was totally frantic, running around with her phone in her hand,” the witness said. In the following days, Spencer “looked like she had been crying non-stop. She looked tired and sad,” the witness added.

Spencer’s husband, Dan – also an employee and close friend of Robin – was seen consoling his hysterical wife, added the source.

After visiting the home Robin shared with wife Susan, Rebecca and Dan 
Spencer “left with their arms around each other,” recalled the source. “She was leaning on him and he was supporting her.”In his own heartfelt Facebook tribute to the late comic, Dan Spencer opened up about the “war” that drove his “hero” to take his own life.

“His final conflict was heartbreaking to witness,” Dan disclosed, noting that Williams had a lifelong passion for video games and toy soldiers.

“Oh, if you could only have seen the war raging inside him. It would have stopped your heart. We fought the fight with him, but it left him defeated,” Dan wrote. “Now our hero has laid down his arms. He has bid his soldiers farewell. The final fight is over.

“At last, that lonely little boy is at peace.”