New Mom Katie Holmes only has eyes for her Mission: Impossible III action- hero fiancé Tom Cruise, but the former Dawson’s Creek star may not be seeing too clearly — a tragic childhood accident left the star with vision problems that have plagued her into adulthood!

“If I get tired sometimes, I see double out of it,” Katie once admitted in an interview.

When Katie, now 27, was a seventh grader growing up in Toledo, Ohio, she was whacked in the left eye while playing with a friend. The injury was so severe that for years after the accident, Katie suffered horrible bouts with double vision, causing her to wear special corrective eyeglasses just so she could see clearly.

As a kid, Katie — the youngest of five children — wanted desperately to participate in sports like her dad, who played basketball in college. But her dreams to pursue athletics were shattered because the injury to her left eye had such a severe impact on her vision.

Though devastating at the time, Katie’s childhood eye injury could have been a blessing in disguise, because instead of concentrating on sports, the stunning brunette took up acting — and she’s now one of the hottest starlets in Hollywood!