The honeymoon is already over for CHELSEA CLINTON and new hubby – they’re ALREADY arguing over his desire to start a family, sources say.

The former first daughter, 30, was eager to give her parents a grandchild when she wed Wall Street banker Marc Mezvinsky, 33, on July 31, according to insiders.

"But Chelsea is still settling into marriage, and she wants to continue working on her career in health management," a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER.

"She insists that she has no intention of going the ‘barefoot and pregnant homemaker route,’ as she calls it, for at least another year."

Besides that, Chelsea’s father, former president Bill Clinton, seems to be in better health after suffering complications following emergency quadruple bypass surgery in 2004. And this past February he had two stents inserted into a clogged artery.

"Bill looked frail at Chelsea and Marc’s wedding, but these days he seems OK and Chelsea doesn’t think there’s a rush for her to conceive," said the source.

"She wants to start a family, just not right now."

The newlyweds – who married in a lavish ceremony – were discussing the issue recently when their conversation escalated into a nasty, brutal fight, insiders say.

"Chelsea walked away from Marc and slammed their bedroom door so hard that it rattled the entire apartment," the source divulged.

"It was a while before she came out, and they were able to make up. But it’s left Marc feeling blue. He’s told pals that he’s extremely disappointed.

He says Chelsea repeatedly tells him, ‘I’m only 30! We have plenty of time to have children!’"

Adding to the couple’s troubles, Chelsea is anxious to make her mark on the world, while Marc – whose father, former Iowa congressman Edward Mezvinsky, is a convicted felon – would prefer a more private life, insiders say.

"She has big plans and even wants to get into politics," said the source.

"Marc is shocked. He thought they were in complete agreement on staying low-profile and having a family."

Before they married, he bought a large $3.8 million apartment in New York City with plenty of room for a family, insiders say.

"Marc feels he’s done everything possible to make Chelsea happy, including signing a stringent prenup that forbids him from doing much more than look at other women or face losing millions in a divorce," said the source. "Now she tells him that she’s delaying his dream of a family."

Another source told The ENQUIRER: "Marc is finding out that Chelsea doesn’t make all decisions – just the big ones!