CHAZ BONO has gone from flab to fab, but he still can’t find love!

That’s set alarm bells ringing for his mom Cher, who is afraid that Chaz can’t cope on his own.

“Cher is worried about Chaz and his struggle to find a girlfriend,” dis­closes an insider. “She fears Chaz is so sad and alone that he’s teetering on the verge of a breakdown.”

The 44-year-old transgender icon – who’s dropped 65 pounds since last November – is proud to show off his svelte new physique, but he’s having a tough time landing dates, the source says.

“It’s bittersweet – he’ll be working out at the gym or run­ning errands when he catches a pretty woman’s eye and even chats them up, but he can’t close the deal,” said a source close to the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant.

“Chaz was hoping to find love the old-fashioned way, by meeting some­one through friends or a social func­tion. He’s avoided dating websites, but now he’s seriously considering it.”

 Chaz is letting it all hang out in the hopes of attracting someone special. But the photo also reveals the scars he bears from his transition from chubby woman to buff man.

As part of his transformation, Chaz – formerly Chastity – underwent a grueling three-hour double mas­tectomy to remove his breasts. The surgeons then had to sculpt his new chest, which included his nipples be­ing grafted back on to his new body.

“Chaz isn’t trying to fool anyone,” said the source. “He wants the world to know that yes, he was once a woman, but he’s proud as hell to show that he’s now a man.”

Chaz’s last serious relationship, with Jennifer Elia, ended in late 2011. Since then, he has worked hard to im­prove his image. At his heaviest, Chaz reportedly weighed more than 300 pounds. Now, thanks to some help from the syndicated daytime talk show “The Doctors,” plus a prescrip­tion for the obesity drug Qsymia, he is at an all-time low.

His goals now, the source says, are getting to 180 and finding a partner.

“He’s desperate to find a woman that he can build a life with,” added the source. “Unfortunately, love just isn’t in the cards for him yet.”