THE BRITISH Royals are at war with each other after a TV crew sent by Prince Charles’ youngest brother Edward secretly filmed Prince William in his first days at college.

“When Charles heard about it, he called up Edward and was absolutely livid,” a royal insider told The ENQUIRER.

“He screamed into the phone: ‘You idiot!

” ‘How could you do this to Wills! You know I asked all the media to respect Wills’ privacy at the university and now I find out my own brother has violated that wish. You’ve betrayed me!’ “

On September 23, 19-year-old Prince William arrived with his father at St. Andrews University in Scotland to begin study for a degree in art history.

With Charles’ permission, photographers were allowed to take photos of William on his first day at college. The Royals placed a media ban on filming William during the rest of the school year.

After the photo session, the media were asked to leave. All did — except the TV crew from Ardent Productions, owned by Charles’ brother Edward, 37.

“So it created a major stir when less than 24 hours later the TV crew was sneaking around the university grounds trying to get footage of William,” the insider said. “William immediately contacted his father on the phone. He sounded very frightened.

“Charles calmed his son down. And when he found out the TV crew was from his own brother’s company, he was on the phone to Edward, screaming at the top of his lungs.

“But the next day and the day after, the Ardent TV crew was back! William spotted them lurking nearby as he came out of a lecture hall.”

Charles found out about the TV crew when he got a second phone call from Wills, another source disclosed.

“Charles didn’t hold back the news that the TV crew was sent by William’s uncle. Wills went silent for a moment and then his anger raged out of control. He told Charles: ‘I’ve been betrayed by my own uncle? I don’t ever want to see him again!’

“Then Charles was on the phone screaming at his brother again. Few have ever seen Charles so angry.”

The insider added: “There is a very deep rift between Charles and his brother now and no amount of apologizing by Edward is going to help.

“Charles is so angry he won’t even speak to his brother!”