Pop kingpin Prince KO’ed by cell phones!       

The Paisley Park Kid was set to take the stage at NYC’s Gansevoort Hotel rooftop when a flummoxed roadie announced that the multitude of cell phones in the house zapped Prince’s hi-tech sound system.

Begging attendees to power down or "there may not be a show"  many ignored the harried plea – including one PR flack who was actually involved with the concert.  They claimed they had to have them on at all times!

"To think a bunch of idiots can’t exist without their precious cells for an hour," a fan whined to the NY Post. "Sooooo obnoxious."

Needless to day the show finally did go on but an insider alleged Prince was also tres demanding backstage.

"He’s very anal and required a humidifier in every room of his suite and the windows blacked out," the source divulged.

Probably to keep prying eyes from the singer’s Raspberry Beret.