Open mouth, let fly the hateful expletives – PAULA DEEN isn’t the only one! WHO!  WHAT!  WHY!

PAULA DEEN isn’t the only star whose big mouth has caused a mess of trouble!

The ENQUIRER was first to break the exclusive news that the now ex-Food Network star freely confessed to having used the N-word – but she’s hardly alone in the foul-mouthed celebrity hall of shame.

“We live in a world where almost everything is recorded – the good, the bad and, unfortunately, the ugly,” a Hollywood crisis-management expert told The ENQUIRER.

Here are some other celebs who have suffered from foot-in-mouth disease:

● “THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST” producer/director Mel Gibson made headlines for his anti-Semitic rant after his 2006 DUI arrest and then again a few years later for using the N-word when he went ballistic on his baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva.

Paris Hilton – al­ready infamous for a sex tape – further sul­lied her reputation in 2007 when she was heard exclaiming in a video: “We’re like two n******!” to her sister Nicky while the so­cialites were dancing to No­torious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize.” Her publi­cist said that while Paris regretted using the word, she was drinking at the time.

● In 2006, “Seinfeld” star Mi­chael Richards was caught on video confronting an African-American heckler during a stand-up routine in West Hollywood. “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f****** fork up your ass,” he screamed, then repeatedly used the N-word in reference to the heckler.

● In 2007, The ENQUIRER ex­clusively obtained two telephone conversations in which Duane “Dog” Chapman blasts his son Tucker for having an African-American girl­friend, using the N-word multiple times during the calls. Duane’s oldest son Christopher Hecht told The ENQUIRER: “He used the ‘N-word’ all the time. It was always ‘n*****’ this and ‘n*****’ that. He told me, ‘They ain’t worth a damn. All they’re good for is to make white people laugh.’ ”