The first movie Catwoman, former Miss America, Lee Meriwether, 73, is planning a tell-all book.

Meriwether who appeared in the 1966 film version of the Batman TV series was not the only feline thesp.  The role was first played on TV by Julie Newmar, then Eartha Kitt.  The later films’ Cats were Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

Lee promises to get her claws out and tell-all about co-stars Adam West and Burt Ward (Batman and Robin). 

She also has plenty to say about villainous partners Caesar Romero (Joker), Frank Gorshin (Riddler) and Burgess Meredith (Penguin).

Lee admitted she nabbed the film role with her feline ways, impressing director Leslie Martinson.

 "Julie Newmar played the role originally then she couldn’t do the film," Meriwether revealed. 

"I was lucky, I auditioned – I got the part over hundreds of gals.

"I curled up in a chair and licked my hand. I was a cat." 

Holy Method Acting!

Lee also appeared in Irwin Allen‘s TV trippy Time Tunnel – did she time travel to land that?