Judge slams both attorneys for “gamesmanship” and suddenly stops the trial of accused murder mom CASEY ANTHONY.

Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez and state attorney Jeff Ashton have argued repeatedly prompting Judge Perry to shut the trial down.

Judge Belvin Perry had asked both prosecutor Jeff Ashton and defense attorney Jose Baez to look at the courtroom clock and read the time.

 Ashton said it was 9:25 a.m., and Baez said it was 9:26 a.m.

"That shows that the two of you will never agree on anything and never see anything the same way," Perry said.

“It is quite evident there is a friction between attorneys” Judge Perry told the jurors as he dismissed them, reported.

 “Yes, there has been gamesmanship in this particular case.”

Prosecutor Ashton had intended to ask for new sanctions against Baez for not disclosing information about witnesses he intended to call. 

Baez countered saying Ashton is attacking him personally.  “He wants to go after the lawyer, too. I think it is repulsive,” he stated.

The judge admonished both lawyers for creating the delays and threatened to increase the work day hours and have court last all day Saturday instead of just half a day.

“I’m getting very, very close to starting this proceeding every morning at 8:30,” Judge Perry said. 

“All of this folks is going to stop or you will be working some very fierce days.”

Casey Anthony, 25, is being tried for the first degree murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, whose remains was found in December 2008.  Defense contends Caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool on June 16, 2008 but lied and covered it up. 

Prosecutors say she murdered her daughter and if found guilty will face the death penalty.

Legal pundits predict mistrial.

The sensational murder trial resumes tomorrow.

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