Troubled STAR WARS star CARRIE FISHER has electroshock therapy!

Carrie, the daughter of crooner Eddie Fisher and MGM icon Debbie Reynolds is no stranger to bad times –some of it self-inflicted as depicted in her film and book “Postcards from The Edge”.

But now, tub thumping yet another tell-all tome, “Shockaholic” ,the former Princess Leia told Fox411 that the most shocking experience of all was the deserate help she sought following the suicide of a close pal.

Carrie said that she chose electroshock therapy as a last resort.

“Nothing else had worked,” she admitted.

“I was in a really, really severe depression.

“I was as close to being suicidal as you can be without being suicidal.

"You sort of feel like not being around but I would never do anything like that.

"I have a daughter and family and friends.

"But I was devastated.

“I was feeling pointless,” Carrie confessed.

Luckily, the Tesla-coiled bug zapper turned the manic-depressive Hollywood spawn around.