Calista Flockhart has finally convinced longtime boyfriend Harrison Ford to walk down the aisle — thanks to a little help from movie legend Clint Eastwood.

Harrison has agreed to marry Calista this fall, sources revealed to The ENQUIRER. Four years into their romance, Calista has been anxious to tie the knot and have a baby with Harrison — so her 4-year-old adopted son, Liam, could have a sibling.

“After all these years, Calista finally wore Harrison down and got him to agree to marriage,” said an insider. “But she couldn’t have done it without Clint and his wife Dina.

“Clint and Harrison have been friends for years. And Calista was inspired by Clint and Dina’s successful 10-year May-December marriage.”

Calista, 41, is 22 years younger than Harrison and there’s a 34-year age difference between Clint and his 40-year-old wife. Seeing how blissfully happy Clint and Dina are helped convince Harrison to take the plunge again. His 20-year marriage to Melissa Mathison ended in divorce in 1984. Calista has never been married.

“Harrison and Calista celebrated their fourth anniversary as lovers recently, and he gifted her with a stunning diamond bracelet from Tiffany’s after a romantic dinner,” said a friend.

“Yet, as good as their relationship is, Harrison has always been marriageshy. “Now he’s ready to head down the aisle and have a child with Calista.”