Bruce Willis, you’ve got mail! And now that mail has led to a lawsuit. Tennessee songwriter Marria Willard claims she had a four-month romance with Bruce — over the Internet.

“Ridiculous,” said Bruce’s attorney, who said Marria’s Internet sweetheart is really “an imposter” pretending to be the “Die Hard” hero.

But Marria, 36, told The ENQUIRER: “It was Bruce Willis and we fell in love through our e-mails.

“I have no doubt it was Willis.”

In a complaint filed in California’s Superior Court, Bruce’s company, Ace Bone, Inc., maintains that Internet user Katbone1369 at America Online has “misappropriated” its identity in e-mails with on-line user MysteryWomann007 — who The ENQUIRER has learned is Marria Willard.

Bruce’s company seeks damages in excess of $300,000 as well as an injunction prohibiting Katbone1369 from “using its identity without authorization for his own gain.”

Despite the lawsuit, Marria insisted that she checked through America Online and Katbone1369 really was Bruce.

“I’ve seen Bruce on talk shows and read magazine interviews,” she said. “Our Internet conversations were the same phrases, the same expressions.

“Bruce told me he was afraid of love and afraid of being hurt again. He talked about how proud he was of his three daughters. We shared an intimacy.”

But Bruce’s attorney told The ENQUIRER: “My client did not have a relationship with this woman.

“Someone has been impersonating my client and we wanted to find out who and put a stop to it before anyone got hurt.

“We were looking to protect innocent third parties. We wanted to make sure victims like Willard weren’t taken advantage of.”