Bruce Jenner Wants To Be Prettier Than Kris!

Bruce Jenner Wants To Be Prettier Than Kris! thumbnail

Plastic surgery-obsessed Bruce Jenner is a man on a mission – a source says he wants to look prettier than his estranged wife Kris!

But the 64-year-old Olympic hero’s bizarre quest is infuriating the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” matriarch, who believes Bruce looks more like a dope than a diva.

The source says after Bruce’s latest cosmetic procedures – having his adam’s apple shaved down, skin fillers, Botox, hair plugs and hair highlights – the once-hunky athlete confessed that he wants to look better than Kris.

Bruce has reportedly undergone two face-lifts plus cosmetic surgeries on his nose, lips, chin, jowls and more.

And earlier this month, The ENQUIRER revealed that he’s proudly displaying longer, lighter locks. “Now he’s getting ready for a neck-lift,” disclosed an insider.

Ironically, 58-year-old Kris is also trying to turn back time. She appears to have had work done, has been seen with younger men and is wearing hip outfits.

And she’s said to be seeing red over the competition from her own husband.

Said the insider: “she feels Bruce is making himself – and her – look like a fool.”