Although she did not show up for a custody hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 3, Britney Spears was granted visitation rights to see her sons. Brit’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, will keep sole physical custody of the boys, but Britney will be allowed monitored visits every other day, according to Superior Court Commissioner Scott M. Gordon.

Federline attended the hearing because, “He thought it was important for the court to see who he is and to be there should the court have any desire to ask him anything that the court wanted to,” said his lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan said. Kaplan also explained that K-Fed wore an eye patch to court because he had a sore eye and wore the patch to prevent glare.

Federline and Spears were ordered back to court on Oct. 26 for another hearing.

Instead of showing up for the court hearing though, like her ex, Kevin Federline, Brit went on a drive through Coldwater Canyon, making stops for gas and Starbucks with her dog on her lap. She was later spotted checking into the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel with her cousin/assistant Alli Sims.