Brit lays down law to K-Fed‘s lawyers – no kids, no tour!

Since K-Fed has custody of their two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, if Britney wants them on tour with her, K has to accompany them with Brit paying him $4,000 a week.

But Brit, the Spears Conservatorship aka Dada Jamie, and K-Fed have been wrangling in private for months the details of a pending agreement.  They were close to finalizing the deal when K-Fed’s lawyers got wind he’d been negotiating without them!

According to reports, K-Fed’s lawyers were livid, believing he was cutting a deal behind their backs.   They now object to the plan that was agreed upon – for Britney and the boys to have 3 home bases – – New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles — while on tour where the boys would stay and then Brit could boomerang to one of the homes for tot quality time.

K-Fed’s lawyers have now kiboshed the deal (for reasons unknown) and Kevin apparently won’t stand up to his own barristers.

This ignited Britney to levels of nuclear Armageddon, who has now issued an ultimatum – no kids, no tour.

No tour, no bucks for the Fed, Spears Conservatorship  — nor Federline’s hungry lawyers.