BRITNEY SPEARS ex is trying to ply girls with pop tart’s unwant-ables.

Brit's former fiance and agent Jason Trawick is still making a buck off the pop princess – even though their love affair crashed and burned.

Apparently desperate for dough, the 40-year-old player is selling items Britney received free as promotional gifts out of the trunk of his car – clothes, handbags, accessories and more, a source close to the singer told The ENQUIRER.

“Britney never seven  looked at the stuff or cared that Jason took it,” said the source. “His home is full of the stuff.”

Trawick not only sells the swag, he tries to get dates with young women by giving some of it away, according to an insider.

Seven months after his breakup with the entertainer, Trawick was photographed July 15 allegedly showing off a trunk full of women’s apparel to a group of girls in the park­ing lot of the upscale Fred Segal clothing store in West Hollywood.

The treasure trove included fancy purses, shoes and perfume, but an eyewitness said the girls seemed unwilling to accept anything from Trawick, who once worked as Britney’s agent after he was brought in by her dad to watch over the once-troubled performer and her $200 million fortune.

“He loves to use the stuff as a way to reel in women, some as young as 18,” said the close source. “Everyone believes he’s still taking advantage of Britney.”