BRET MICHAELS back in the hospital with a "hole in the heart" – a "warning stroke".

The seeming Poison frontman was on the road to recovery when he was diagnosed with a patent orum ovale, or hole in the heart, Michaels’ rep posted on his website.

Bret was rushed AGAIN to the ER after experiencing numbness on the left side of his body – especially in his face and hands.

Docs say the condition can be corrected with surgery and is apparently unrelated to his brain hemorrhage earlier this month.

Additional test are being conducted on the bandanna wearing Celebrity Apprentice finalist contestant and he is being treated with a blood thinner to minimize possibility of blood clots.

Michaels was supposed to appear live during the finale of the Donald Trump show but now NBC said the net is "cautiously optimistic" that Michaels will appear.

"Ultimately, it’s up to Bret and his doctors if he should attend," the statement said.