You’ve seen him in DC, making smiley faces at politico big wigs but is Brad Pitt’s next career move politics?

According to Variety, Pitt is thinking of taking a break from baby-sitting the Brangie Brood and following in the footsteps of other thesps turned actor like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenneger and Jesse "the Body" Ventura and throwing his hat into the political arena.

After all, Smitty was in DC last week hob nobbing with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the real Big O – President Obama- lobbying for additional funding for his New Orleans Housing Project.

"Angelina  feels Brad would make a great politician. He would also compliment Angelina’s own efforts on behalf on UNICEF," a source told Variety.

Fellow thesp William Carter is said to be encouraging Brad to run. Carter appeared in Running With Scissors, produced by Brad’s production company and  served as a member of Sen. John Warner’s staff after his split from Elizabeth Taylor. As you may or may not recall, Liz helped then-hubby Warner get elected to the Senate way back in 1978.