BRADLEY COOPER’s ready to tie the knot with his hot young girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, but his mom is threatening to boycott the wedding!

The “American Hustle” actor, 39, and the 21-year-old British model are coming up on the one-year anniversary of their romance – Feb. 11 – and Bradley wants to mark the occasion with a proposal, confides a close friend. But when he mentioned the idea to his mom, Gloria, who lives with him, she apparently hit the roof.

“Gloria told Bradley: ‘Well, I hope you plan a very small wedding because I won’t be there!’” the friend told The ENQUIRER. “It’s heartbreaking for Bradley, because he’s crazy about Suki and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

“But at the same time, he’s a mama’s boy and it really dampens his enthusiasm that Gloria isn’t on board with it.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported  Gloria – who moved in with her son following the death of Bradley’s father, Charles, in 2011 – suspects that Suki has been using the Oscar-nominated actor to jump-start her own showbiz career.

And she fears that the marriage would just be another failed romance for her son. Bradley’s first union, to former “Blue Bloods” actress Jennifer Esposito, ended after just four months in 2007. And his relationships with Hollywood beauties Zoe Saldana and Renee Zellweger fizzled out.

“Gloria very much wants to see Bradley happy and settled down,” added another source. “But she doesn’t think Suki is the girl for him.”