Browbeaten BRAD PITT backed out of a TV interview with outspoken CHELSEA HANDLER after both his lover ANGELINA JOLIE and ex-wife JEN ANISTON blew a gasket!

“Talk about bad choices,” said an insider.

“Brad really got raked over the coals by Angie and Jen.”

Angelina, 36, hit the roof after learning her heartthrob partner made plans to appear on the E! channel’s “Chelsea Lately” talk show to promote his upcoming films “Cogan’s Trade” and “World War Z,” say sources.

The actress is still furious that sharp-tongued Chelsea called her a “homewrecker” and other nasty names during a profanity laced stand-up routine in Newark, N.J., last December.

“For Brad, it’s all business,” said the insider. “He just wanted to promote his movies.”

But Angelina is still harboring a lot of resentment – and she unleashed that on 48-year-old Brad!

The hunk also got an earful from Jennifer, who was livid that he was trying to buddy up to Chelsea, 36, one of her closest friends, divulged the insider.

“Brad had to beg off the invite with the lame excuse that he couldn’t make it due to ‘film commitments,’” said the insider.