Golden Globe scandal ridden ex-hottie PIA ZADORA gets slap on the wrist on boozy domestic abuse charges.

AP reported that a Las Vegas judge ordered singer-actress Pia  to complete alcohol and impulse control counseling.

AS The ENQUIRER previously reported Pia, whose career peaked in the 1980s with a series of Lolita-esque camp movies including “Lonely Lady” and “Butterfly” (winner of back-to-back Razzies) was arrested in May after cops say she sprayed her teenage son with a hose in an attempt to get him to go to bed.

Pia was booked after she attempted to get her recalcitrant 16-year-old boy to bed so she could get some rest.

Police reports say Zadora turned a watering hose on her son full blast and as water pellets blasted him, she clawed to rip the phone from his hands as he dialed 911.

Zadora told cops she thought he was calling the authorities to avoid his bedtime.

And yet, today, the Las Vegas restaurant Piero's Italian Cuisine announced that Zadora would begin an indefinite residency, performing at "Pia's Palace" on weekends.

It is unclear is she is booked as a performer in possibly what may be her own eatery.

Some Pia’s most memorable moment was her stars turn in a 1982 Golden Globe pay-to-play scandal in a move backed reputedly by her then uber-wealthy sugar daddy hubby Meshulam Riklis.

Nah, Pia’s most memorable performance is as child actress in the cine “so-bad-it’s good” classic “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”.

YET, Pia opened in Vegas for top liners like Tony Bennett & Frank Sinatra – so evidently she’s got a great set of pipes.