Distraught Angelina Jolie has split from hubby Billy Bob Thornton — who’s already out partying with other women.

Angelina moved out of their Beverly Hills estate on June 1 and checked into the Four Seasons Hotel with their newly adopted baby Maddox, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Friends fear their two-year marriage is headed for divorce because Billy Bob is jealous of little Maddox!

The ENQUIRER visited Angelina at her hotel suite and asked if she and Billy Bob had separated. While playing with her adorable baby, the stunning star told us: “I cannot talk about this at this time.”

But she graciously took time to introduce us to the star of her life.

Opening the door to her hotel room she said: “This is our son Maddox. We call him ‘Madness’ and he is my new best friend.”

Clearly, the devoted mom has lavished time, attention and love on her 10-month-old son after spending many maddening months trying to bring him into the country from Cambodia. Her hotel suite looks like a mini Toys “R” Us!

But 46-year-old Billy Bob — a father of three with a grown daughter — feels he’s been forced out of the spotlight and his reaction has ripped apart the marriage, say sources.

“Angelina dotes on little Maddox,” explained an insider.

“Billy Bob had Angelina all to himself. Like all actors, he’s insecure and wants to be the center of attention. Now he is very unhappy.

“Angelina is a hands-on mother — changing the diapers and doing the feedings. She carries Maddox around everywhere. She has been sleeping in bed with the baby next to her.”

Tension over their new lifestyle caused Angelina and her hubby to butt heads — and she moved out.

“My husband and I are going through some rough s— right now,” she told a source.

Now the incredibly talented “Girl, Interrupted” star finds her marriage interrupted as Billy Bob gallivants around the country with his rock band, enjoying the “single life.”

He’s been spotted partying with women young enough to be his daughter. And the “Sling Blade” star recently was spotted partying heavily with 21-year-old blonde Katie Timmins, a waitress at the Columbus Fish Market eatery in Columbus, Ohio.

“Billy Bob, who was with a couple of pals, was very friendly,” disclosed a source at the eatery. “From the moment Katie went to their table, Billy Bob began to flirt.

“After lunch, he gave Katie the telephone number where he was staying, at the Doubletree hotel in downtown Columbus, and asked her if he could have her number.”

They made arrangements to meet later that evening at Brickyard, a club where Billy Bob would be jamming on drums with former Allman Brothers’ guitarist Dickey Betts.

Katie arrived at the club with several pals, and sources revealed to The ENQUIRER that, as the evening progressed and the cocktails flowed, the attraction between Billy Bob and Katie really began to heat up.

“They appeared very attracted to each other,” an insider at Brickyard told The ENQUIRER.

At about 1 a.m. when the show ended, Billy Bob and his friends, mostly women, left and carried on the partying at Thornton’s suite 201 at the Doubletree.

“Some of them brought beer, liquor and wine to Billy Bob’s room, and the party continued full throttle,” one reveler told The ENQUIRER.

“It looked like Katie and Billy Bob were flirting, and when the party started to wind down after a couple of hours, Katie was one of the last ones to leave at about 2:30.”

Contacted by The ENQUIRER, Katie refused to comment on her relationship with Thornton.

But pals say they never moved beyond flirting although she boasted that Billy Bob invited her to visit him in Los Angeles. However, Katie may end up getting a busy signal.

The ENQUIRER learned that the lady slayer was also spotted with a sexy admirer while his band was appearing in Austin, Texas.

“The girl climbed on the band bus with Billy Bob and left with him,” disclosed a pal.

While friends fear for 27-year-old Angelina’s marriage, the “Tomb Raider” star is not prepared to bury her relationship with her soulmate Billy Bob.

“Angelina has gone back to their house on a regular basis to get things out — but she’s also hoping to run into her husband so they can talk,” revealed an insider.

“She was expecting him back on Saturday, June 15. She kept circling the house to see if he had gotten back yet,” divulged an insider.

“Angelina was desperately hoping he would return before she had to fly out of town herself on June 16. On both days, she repeatedly circled their home. But on Sunday, she flew out of town, alone.

“It’s so sad because she loves the guy and wants her marriage to work.”

Angelina also has very strong maternal instincts — and a heart as big as all outdoors, confide friends.

The multitalented actress is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

During a recent visit to a refugee camp in Myanmar she revealed she “would love to adopt another child from wherever there is a need,” adding that Billy Bob was “nervous every time I go to another country.”

Concluded a pal: “Billy Bob could not find a more devoted and loving woman than Angelina Jolie. Hopefully he’ll realize that before it is too late.”