The Big Bang Theory star JIM PARSONS walked off with two fantastic prizes the very same night – an Emmy AND a husband.

The 37-year-old star celebrated his victory by proposing to longtime boyfriend Todd Spiewak – and now they are planning a Christmastime trip to Massachusetts where they’ll tie the knot, say insiders.

"After he got his award, he told Todd the only thing that would make him happier is if they got married – and Todd quickly said yes," a close pal of the couple told The ENQUIRER.

Jim – who plays nerdy physicist Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper on the smash hit – and 33-year-old Todd, an art director, began dating three years ago and moved into a Los Angeles house last year.

The actor has never publicly come out of the closet, but he hasn’t attempted to hide the fact that he and Todd are a couple

"Jim is very quiet about the relationship because he lives an extremely private life, but they’re very much in love," said the pal.

The couple intend to have a big reception in California after the wedding in Massachusetts, where same sex marriage is legal.