Published on: May 17, 2010

Despite BETTY WHITE's resurgence as the IT girl of comedy, she can never forget her tragic heartbreak.

With a post Golden Girls career in full swing thanks to  grassroots campaign to nab her a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Betty should be on top of the world.

Yet she is haunted by the death  of her one great love, husband ALAN LUDDEN.

After making her film debut in Advise and Consent in 1962  Betty had already been married and divorced twice.

Hitting the TV game show circuit with a passion she was a perennial celebrity guest on Password from 1961 to 1975.

Yet Betty and Password host Allen Ludden really hit off away from the game show set when they both guested on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar in 1963.

A smitten Ludden proposed twice to Betty before she finally accepted in 1963.

Happily married, Betty left the game show circuit, making appearances elsewhere like The Mary Tyler Moore show.

But Betty returned to Password Plus in 1979 to stay close to ailing hubby Allen.

 Ludden died from stomach cancer June 9, 1981 and a heart broken Betty struggled valiantly,  finding success only in her professional life. 

Betty has never remarried and the couple had no children.

Despite her brave comedic face to the world, Betty remains hopelessly devoted to Allen's memory, still active in many of their animal charities.