Like a spider enmeshed in a web of her own making BARBRA STREISAND’s careful construct is unraveling and may spell doom to her marriage to James Brolin with a $400 million divorce battle.

In a bombshell development in the couple’s ongoing marital woes, The National ENQUIRER has obtained a blockbuster new book that blows the lid off long-standing rumors the diva was more than just friends with then-President Bill Clinton.

Author Daniel Halper reveals in “Clinton, Inc.” that he quizzed a close Clinton pal about the former Chief Executive’s reported affairs, asking specifically about Barbra, 72, and several other actresses.

Shockingly, the friend told Daniel: “Everybody you think he f—-d, he did – and the more dangerous the better. …His 
addiction is p—y.”

The ENQUIRER has also learned Barbra’s name pops up in previously restricted documents now being released by the William J. Clinton 
Presidential Library.

One official document reveals Barbra spent the night in the White House while First Lady Hillary was out of towncaring for her ailing father.

The March 26, 1993, entry cites the official reason for Streisand’s visit as “a meeting with members of the entertainment industry in the Roosevelt Room.” But The ENQUIRER has learned, according to White House logs, that Barbra and Clinton spent two hours alone – until midnight – in the White House theater.

Afterward, Clinton, Barbra and several others reportedly “spent three hours roaming the house…and Barbra spent the night in the Queen’s bedroom, on the second floor near the Clinton’s private quarters.”

Sources say the new disclosures are sure to send shock waves through Barbra’s 16-year marriage to James, 74.

“Between the new book and the emerging Clinton library documents, pPals are telling James that Barbra has been caught ‘in a big lie’ because she previously intimated that she and Bill were just friends,” said a Hollywood source. “Now, James doesn’t know what to believe and he wants the truth!”

Another source said: “It’s caused another huge blowup in their messy marriage – and if it ends in divorce, there’s $400 million at stake.”

Hillary has long suspected Bill cheated with Barbra – one of his most visible showbiz supporters. The ENQUIRER once reported that she was furious when she learned Barbra spent the night at the White House, and even made calls from Bill’s private office study.

Clinton author Sally Bedell Smith wrote: “On the day she (Hillary) returned to the White House, all the talk was of a major row between the president and his wife. The next morning, he had an unexplained scratch on his face.”

During another encounter, this time in California, Mike McGrath, the former White House chief steward, said: “I heard she was up in his room and they were pretty playful. Somebody told me that he chased her around the piano.”At the time, The ENQUIRER published a photo showing the cut Hillary allegedly made to Bill’s face.As The ENQUIRER has reported, Barbra’s marriage to James has deteriorated. – with sources saying Barbra saw red over her husband’s friendship with sexy “Castle” star Stana Katic after he filmed a guest gig on the TV drama.The first source added: “Barbra’s been all over James for secrets, but now the tables are turned and it’s her turn to cry.”