Published on: January 21, 2013
Photography by: FilmMagic


BARBARA WALTERS, 83  has fallen and can’t get up --bloody  gash on the forehead sends her to the  ER!

Babs was hospitalized Sunday after suffering a cut on her forehead when she fell during an inauguration party at the Washington home of England’s U.S. ambassador Peter Westmacott.

The 83-year-old TV titan underwent a full examination after the fall, ABCNews Senior VP Jeffrey Schneider said.

Schneider claims an alert Walters was “telling everyone what to do” at the hospital Sunday, “which we all take as a very positive sign.”

The network has not indicated when Walters will be discharged from the hospital, reported.

The View star’s last health scare came three years ago, when she was sidelined from May until September following heart surgery.