Barbara Eden Magic Fountain Of Youth Revealed!

Barbara Eden Magic Fountain Of Youth Revealed! thumbnail

I DREAM OF JEANIE star BARBRA EDEN must own a bottle with a secret genie – who magically protects her from aging! 

At 82, Barbara looks just as fabulous as she did back in 1965 when her iconic TV series began its five-year run.

But defying her age is an everyday trick for Barbara. When she played a sexy “young” genie with costar Larry Hagman, Barbara was actually 39 years old!

The still bouncy blonde maintains her youthful appearance by doing spinning exercises three times a week and weight lifting “for the bones,” she said.

But Barbara does admit to cutting back a bit.

At the gym, “I used to be in front of the class,” she said. “I don’t do that anymore. I stay in the back because I can’t really keep up, but I do it for an hour.”

The actress also watches her diet and stays busy.

She recently wrapped up a three-week run at a Florida dinner theater and will appear at a celebrity collectibles show in L.A. in late July.

And all her work paid off last year at the Life Ball in Vienna, Austria when she slipped into her “I Dream of Jeannie” harem pants and crop top for the first time in three decades, and they still fit!