Former first daughter BARBARA BUSH is secretly dating a Pana­manian artist – who dissed daddy DUBYA when he was president!

Barbara, 30, has been seeing painter MIKY FABREGA, 36, on the downlow since 2010, and sources say her parents have accepted him – despite his left wing political views!

“When George W. was in the White House, Miky’s art de­picted him in a highly unflattering light, cartoonish and buffoonish,” said a source.

“But Barbara isn’t offended by his art. It excites her that Miky’s a bit of a bad boy who speaks his mind.”

An artist since age 19, Fabrega admits that he likes to paint in his underwear. He met Barbara through mutual friends in 2006, when she was in Panama with her twin sister Jenna on a UNICEF mission.

A friendship developed into romance, and Barbara – CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps – has introduced Fabrega to her parents and grandparents, former president George H.W. Bush and his wife Bar­bara. She’s also met Fabrega’s folks in Panama, insiders say.

“At first, Barbara ’ s parents were surprised that their daughter had moved on to Miky from her previous boyfriend,” said a source, referring to her Yale class­mate and straitlaced businessman Jay Blount.

“After all, Miky’s a free spirit and, maybe worst of all, a liberal! The fact that his art jabbed at George didn’t sit well with them either. But they’ve grown to like the guy.”

When Fabrega isn’t traveling, he lives with Barbara in her Greenwich Village apartment, sources say.

“They like to hit bars, attend private parties, and check out art galleries,” noted the source. “After nearly 2 1/2 years together, they’re a solid couple.”