Published on: June 5, 2012
Photography by: Splash News Online

Troubled TEEN MOM AMBER PORTWOOD asks judge to throw her back in judge because she can’t deal with her drug addiction.

The judge gave her five years.

After being jailed last year in connection with a felony drug possession, portly Portwood, 21, cut a deal to avoid her five-year sentence behind bars by agreeing to completion of a court ordered driug program.

But after failing to comply with drug tests and she was picked up by authorities on May 10, Amber was released a week later.

She turned herself in on May 25 telling the judge she's a "bad girl" who "couldn't stand" complying with the terms of her drug program, reported.

Even though Amber turned herself in and asked to be jailed for her own good, her attorney asked for leniency in her sentence, but the judge fully enforced her broken plea agreement sentencing her to five years.

Amber's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, has remained in custody of their three-year-old daughter Leah while Amber deals with her drug abuse, and subsequent jail time.