She lost her job on “Charmed” and now bad-girl Shannen Doherty is risking her freedom.

The sassy former “witch” on the WB channel was recently seen at a bar, drinking not one, but two, high-powered margaritas in less than an hour. She then drove away in her car — even though just days before a judge had ordered her not to drive anywhere with any alcohol in her system!

Doherty was recently convicted of driving under the influence and placed on three years probation. If she’s caught driving with alcohol in her system she could be thrown in jail.

“Right there in broad daylight, I watched Shannen down two large drinks in less than an hour at the trendy Le Petit Four restaurant in Hollywood,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER. “Then she jumped behind the wheel of her BMW.”

On June 12, Shannen was sentenced to three years probation and a $1,430 fine after she was convicted of driving under the influence. She was spotted weaving down an L.A. freeway last December and had a whopping .13 percent alcohol level in her bloodstream. The judge made it clear Shannen had to clean up her act — yet only 15 days later she was clearly headed for trouble!

“At 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 27, Shannen ordered an 8-oz. margarita on the rocks with her favorite 80 proof Patron Gold tequila mixed in,” a second witness told The ENQUIRER. “Then she ordered another margarita a half-hour later.”

The brunette actress is due to appear before the judge who sentenced her again for a “progress hearing” on September 10, and if he hears that she’s been drinking and driving, he could well find her in violation of her three years probation.

If she keeps hanging out in bars, she may find herself behind bars.

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