JAKE PAVELKA and VIENNA GIRARDI appeared on The Bachelor to find true love, but the show has completely wrecked their lives!

"Bachelor" Jake – who hoped the show would jump-start his acting career – is back to flying planes for Delta airlines. Meanwhile, winner Vienna – whom Jake dumped just months after handing her the final rose – can’t find a man!

After The Bachelor ended, the handsome 32-year-old put on his dancing shoes for a losing stint on Dancing with the Stars and briefly appeared on the TV series Drop Dead Diva.

 But pilot Jake, who is now dating Dallas wedding planner Meghan Jones, never saw his acting career get off the ground.

And things are even worse for his former fiancee.

The sexy Florida native was recently dumped by her most recent love – Dallas businessman and former NFLfootball player Matt Nordgren.

And he’s the THIRD guy she’s dated since Jake publicly ditched her in June.

"Vienna thought Matt was THE one, but he dumped her flat," a source close to the former Hooters waitress told The ENQUIRER.

"It was a really cruel breakup, too. Matt said he was going to fly to L.A. to meet Vienna at the end of October for some Halloween parties, and he just didn’t show up. When Vienna tried to call to see what was wrong, Matt wouldn’t even take her phone calls."

The couple met in August, and they had been spending a great deal of time together in his hometown of Dallas. According to the source, the 24-year-old blonde told close pals she was hoping to get pregnant so that Matt would marry her.

But Matt, 28, saw that she was looking to himto bankroll an opulent lifestyle for herself and "he decided to cut off the money," the source added.

Matt’s grandmother, Alice Dykeman, confirmed to The ENQUIRER that Matt had dumped Vienna.

"Matt dates a lot of girls," she said. "Vienna has been calling him and calling him, but he doesn’t want to talk to her."

Meanwhile, Vienna has been making appearances in Las Vegas with Chippendales dancers to earn money and says she may be moving back home to Florida to live with her dad, who manages a tire store.

"Sic transit Gloria mundi," kids.