BACHELOR” beauty CATHERINE GIUDICI’s dad was a wanted man!

Last week, The ENQUIRER broke the story about Catherine’s abusive father, Carey, who was committed to a psych ward after twice threatening to kill himself. And the embarrassing secrets don’t stop there – now we’ve learned that the state of Washington issued a warrant for him in 2003 over an unpaid tax bill.

According to the legal docs uncovered by our reporters our reporters, Carey was on un­employment insurance around the time he was committed to the Uni­versity of Washington hospital and was overpaid benefits in the amount of $394, plus an additional $110.32 in interest.

In 2003, the state came after him for the money but it wasn’t until Feb­ruary 2005 that he finally paid up.

As The ENQUIRER previ­ously reported, Catherine’s mother, Cynthia Mejia-Giudici, took out an or­der of protection in June 2001 against her then-husband Carey. In her complaint, she stated that Carey, who suffered from mental illness, had threatened her – and himself – with a knife! The restraining order also detailed a his­tory of verbal abuse and violence toward other family members. Cyn­thia also noted that her husband refused to take psychiatric medica­tion.

A restraining order was subse­quently signed by a judge while Carey was in the psych ward, which prevented him from returning to the family home after his release. Cath­erine’s parents divorced in 2002.

Carey, 64, who also goes by the nickname “Trip,” is now a “social media editorial and branding coach” who lives in Taiwan.

“THE TAX WARRANT WAS JUST another sad legacy from her dad that Catherine’s had to live down,” add­ed a source. “But she overcame her rough past to become a success with a good job at Amazon.com and one of the frontrunners on ‘The Bachelor.’ ”