Published on: March 12, 2013
Photography by: Splash News Online

Forget “19 Kids and Counting” MICHELLE DUGGAR wants, MORE!

Michelle who recent became a grandmother for the 3rd time, says she still yearns for that magic number of kids – 20.

Michelle Duggar is celebrating the news that she is going to be a gran’ma for the third time, but she said that she still yearns to have a 20th child.

Michelle said that being a grandmother “is wonderful” but she and her husband Jim Bob Duggar are still trying for another baby.

 “If God saw fit for us to receive another child we would love that and welcome that,” the reality baby queen star told

Michelle, who tragically miscarried in 2011 said that she thinks her age may be a factor.

“Well, I’m 46 years old, and if this is the end for me being able to bear children then that is God’s timing. I will rejoice no matter where I find myself.”

Give it up, mama.