In the wake of the breakup of “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini’s marriage, The ENQUIRER has learned that beautiful blonde actress Cynthia DeMoss has told friends she carried on a torrid affair with the actor before he filed for divorce!

The sexy 26-year-old DeMoss is saying that Gandolfini, 40 — who plays Tony Soprano on the hit HBO series — was seeing her on the sly while still living with wife Marcy and their 2-year-old son, sources told The ENQUIRER.

When The ENQUIRER contacted DeMoss directly, she would not confirm or deny the romance, but she admitted that she had spent time alone with Gandolfini and that he had poured his heart out to her about his troubled marriage.

What’s more, friends say she’s been telling them that she engaged in at least three extramarital trysts with Gandolfini recently.

“Cynthia told me she and James Gandolfini met at a neighborhood bar called the Gaslight and he took her to a ‘love nest’ near the trendy loft in New York City where he lived with his wife and young child,” revealed a friend of DeMoss.

“She called me the next day to say that they had spent the night together. She said it was sweet, and they cuddled after having sex. Cynthia said it was ‘real physical.'”

In an interview with The ENQUIRER, DeMoss said, “We had a friendship. And one night James asked me to walk outside the Gaslight with him to tell me about his marriage problems.

“He was trying to work things out with his wife Marcy, but the marriage was strained for sure. Him getting so famous kind of upset a balance that was there before.”

But in private discussions with pals, DeMoss described more between her and Gandolfini than heart-to-heart talks about his marriage, and spoke openly about a wild sexual affair with the actor, friends say.

“She insists he bedded her,” said another pal. “She told me of at least one wild night of lovemaking.

“She described Gandolfini as ‘kinky.'”

DeMoss is an attractive actress who has appeared in the video film “Blazin” and a number of other flicks.

She told pals she fell hard for fellow actor James Gandolfini, but that the relationship didn’t last.

“She told me that he had told her he was getting a divorce,” said the friend. “Then the relationship seemed to come to an abrupt end after the three intimate occasions. James blew her off.

“He even had the management at the bar where they had met ban her.”

DeMoss was devastated after her relationship with Gandolfini ended, say sources.

“She’s really upset about her affair, and very depressed,” said a friend. “She briefly entertained visions that maybe their affair would lead to something more regular — even marriage.”