Ashton Kutcher is learning French for an upcoming role on ABC. Kutcher, who is married to actress Demi Moore, will play the role of a substitute teacher in the mid-season series he is producing about a guidance counselor called Miss Guided.

The former That ’70s Show star is open to returning to a series role, if it’s right but the writing and character would have to challenging. “I love acting,” he says. “It’s so much fun,” Kutcher told the New York Daily News.

For now Kutcher is gearing up for a couple of episodes of Miss Guided, and developing other projects with his company. “I take it personally if a show doesn’t turn out fantastic,” he says. “I don’t care how it affects me. I’m doing all right. I’m not worried about me. I have a really awesome life. I’m financially stable. I want to take the 300 people that are the crew of the show and say you’ve got a job this year and next year.”

Shooting for Miss Guided begins next month.