Ashley Olsen’s spring cleaning turned up a big surprise – the former “Full House” star has $2 million worth of fur coats hanging in her closet!

“Ashley was stunned at the value of her fur collection,” a pal told The ENQUIRER. “One coat alone was worth $500,000!”

But the classy collection turned into a public relations nightmare for the famed fashionista – who’s now under fire from the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, known as PETA.

PETA branded Ashley and her sister Mary-Kate as “the Trollsen Twins” after the 26-year-olds – who head a billion-dollar fashion empire – designed a $16,900 multicolored fur backpack with calf and alligator trim for their luxury label The Row last year.

“What the Olsens lack in creativity, they try to make up for in shock value,” PETA blasted in a public statement.

“Sadly, it’s the foxes, calves, and alliga­tors – who often have the skin ripped off them while they are still conscious and able to feel pain – who pay the dearest price.”

Despite that, the pint-size blondes have never wavered in their love of vintage mink, chinchilla or fox furs, sources say.

“Ashley and Mary-Kate have been targeted for wearing fur for years,” said the pal. “But they claim their designs use ethically sourced fur, which in­cludes animals that are hunted and not bred solely for their fur.

“Still, animal rights campaigners won’t let up. Meanwhile, Mary-Kate’s fur collection is at least three times as big as her sister’s. Ashley has warned her to be sitting down if she ever gets around to having her furs valued.”