Anna Nicole Smith‘s body was embalmed Saturday following a court order to do so issued in Florida on Friday. Joshua Perper, Broward County’s chief medical examiner, said the body “will be ready for viewing with no problem.” Meanwhile, the question of where the star’s body will be buried is being argued over in a Fort Lauderdale courthouse. Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur, wants her daughter’s body to be buried in Texas. Smith’s companion, Howard K. Stern, who is listed as the father of her baby Dannielynn Hope, wants to bury the body in the Bahamas — next to Anna’s deceased son, Daniel. Howard K. Stern is named as the executor in Anna’s 2001 will, which was made public on Friday, Feb. 16. Stern has been ordered to attend Tuesday’s hearing over the body in Florida.

In related news, the Bahamian immigration minister has resigned amid allegations he gave Anna Nicole Smith’s application for residency special treatment. “I unconditionally deny that I ever abused my ministerial office by granting Anna Nicole Smith any permit of which she was undeserving or for which she was not qualified under the laws of The Bahamas and long established immigration policies,” Shane Gibson said. He also denied any inappropriate relationship with Smith after photos surfaced of him and the former Playboy Playmate embracing. “I flatly deny the scurrilous lie that I had a sexual relationship with the late Anna Nicole Smith. This is the dirtiest, most lowdown lie of all; not a shred of it is true,” Gibson said.

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