Anna Nicole Smith and her lawyer Howard K. Stern did NOT get married on Thursday, Sept. 28, despite widely published reports to the contrary.

The ENQUIRER has also learned that both Anna and Howard do not know who prescribed methadone to Anna’s son Daniel, who died from a combination of prescription anti-depressants and methadone.

Anna and Howard had planned to spend yesterday on a private island in the Bahamas, but those plans were changed when the media was tipped off to their location.

That’s when Anna, Howard and about 15 friends took off sailing on a catamaran and once on board, TrimSpa CEO Alex Goen, told The ENQUIRER: “Howard and Anna quietly and simply made a commitment in front of God that they would be there for each other through good times and bad times, until death do them part.” No wedding license was obtained and the “marriage” is not official, although they will make it official in the future.

Their day started at 3 a.m. when they left the house quietly, hoping to avoid the media and travel to a private island. Once on the island, according to Goen, they quickly realized they were not going to have privacy and switched plans to sail on the catamaran.

Goen told The ENQUIRER that Anna has been a virtual prisoner in the home and that friends and doctors have told her she needed to get out to help the healing process as she grieves over the shocking recent death of her son.

Neither Howard nor Anna drank alcohol at their ceremony, although the catamaran was stocked with approximately 15 beers.

“Anna needed reassurance that Howard is going to be there for her,” Goen told The ENQUIRER. “They both really needed this during this difficult time.”

The unofficial wedding ceremony was prompted by a conversation between Howard and Anna in the past few days. “They went for a walk and Anna said to Howard, ‘Do you really love me? Are you really going to be there for me?'” said Goen, who added the couple recited vows that were not scripted but were off the top of their heads.

Goen also said that Anna and Howard do not know how methadone got into the system of Anna’s son Daniel who died within hours of the birth of his little sister. “Howard and Anna want answers,” Goen said. “The both were very surprised to hear this information. They don’t know who prescribed the methadone. They’re trying to figure it out.”