MADDOX JOLIE-PITT is on the make!

The dashing 12-year-old adopted son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has a massive crush on his mom’s “Maleficent” co-star, Elle Fanning, who’s 16.

And a source says his superstar parents support the puppy-love romance-in-the-making.

Angie and Elle got close during filming, and Angie invited Elle to hang out with the family at their rental home in the English countryside,” said an insider.

“Maddox and Elle bonded over their shared love of sci-fi movies. Besides that, Maddox wants to launch an acting career and he enjoyed talking to Elle about her experiences as a child actor.”

Meanwhile, both Brad and Angie approve of blonde-haired Elle, who plays sleeping beauty Aurora in the fantasy film. “She’s educated, cultured and down to earth,” said the source. “But Angie did put one stipulation on the relationship. She’s said that Maddox can’t go steady until he turns 13 in August.”

Meanwhile, Maddox is apparently already making big plans with Elle, who’s the little sister of “War of the Worlds” actress Dakota Fanning.

“He’s invited her to be the guest of honor at his birthday party in August and to visit his family’s French chateau over the summer,” said the source.

“He’s also giving Elle French lessons, as he speaks the language fluently.

“If things progress, Maddox and Elle could become a second generation golden couple!”