Angelina Jolie appeared on Larry King Live on Thursday, June 14, to promote her new film, A Mighty Heart, based Mariane Pearl‘s novel about her slain husband, journalist Daniel Pearl. Jolie said she and partner Brad Pitt, who was one of the film’s producers, will adopt again and that she would consider have another biological child. “I would go home [after filming] and I would squeeze my kids and I would hold onto Brad and I would be so grateful that I knew where my family was and that they were all right, and wanted to indulge in every moment with them.”

Jolie said she and Brad want “to instill compassion and understanding and tolerance” in their kids. “We want to make sure that we raise them to have as much respect for, and as much comfort in, the village with no video games and no, you know, comfortable beds and sheets and fancy this or that, and that they have just as much fun, and, as I said, just as much respect for those people as they do for somebody in a big city with all these other interesting things.”