Published on: July 29, 2003

Introducing Ruben Studdard, the singing psychic!

The "American Idol" winner reveals he knew all along he was going to win the national contest because he has psychic dreams.

The 25-year-old singer -- a voice major for 31¼2 years at Alabama A&M University -- says his psychic dreams are always clear, and although the "Idol" votes were very close, he dreamed he was going to come out on top.

"In my career I have always had dreams and seen the results weeks -- sometime months -- before it happens, so I knew I was going to win," reveals the velvet-voiced singer.

"These dreams have been happening for as long as I can remember, and I don't know why," he told a reporter.

"At first, I was a little nervous that I was dreaming things that actually came true.

"For a long time I never even told anyone I was having these dreams because I was too embarrassed to admit it." (Note to Ruben: If you have a dream about a lottery number, don't be too embarrassed to call and give us the details.)

"I guess my music is so important to me that I can't stop thinking about it even in my sleep. And I am also a very confident person so perhaps my visions are a combination of both.

"But there's one good thing about the dreams -- I can relax when it's time for me to perform even though other people get nervous.

"That's because my dreams always let me see myself as a winner."