“Ally McBeal” attorney Portia de Rossi has reached a stunning verdict — she’s decided to go public with her new love . . . singer Francesca Gregorini.

The 28-year-old blonde — who plays Nelle Porter — was recently dining with her galpal at the trendy Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles when they began getting cozy.

What’s more, when the couple left the restaurant, they ducked into a dark alleyway for a steamy, nearly hour-long make-out session that stunned people passing by.

“Patrons at the cafe were shocked to see Portia and her new girlfriend pawing each other over lunch,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. And when they finished lunch, the lovebirds strolled hand in hand down the street while they walked their dogs.

“During their walk, Portia and Francesca gently caressed each other and stopped several times along the way to embrace.”

Passersby were startled to see the pair express their passion in broad daylight — but little did they suspect they’d only been invited to the previews.

“After walking several blocks, things got so steamy the two ducked into a dark alleyway — and that’s when everything got really wild,” divulged the insider.

“Francesca threw Portia against the wall and started making out with her like there was no tomorrow.

“Portia didn’t resist her aggressive lover.”

After nearly an hour, the love-struck ladies finally emerged from the alley, disclosed the insider.

“They drove back to Portia’s house in separate cars and stayed together for the entire weekend.

“Rumors have been floating around Hollywood for months about Portia’s sexcapades with women, but now she’s taken her love public.”

Francesca, 33, who’s an L.A.-based singer/songwriter and the daughter of actress Barbara Bach, is now thrilled to be singing her own real-life love songs.

“There’s no two ways about it,” concluded the insider. “Portia and Francesca are head over heels in love!”