ALEC BALDWIN’s hot new girlfriend is keeping their relationship on fire with a daily diet of yoga and tantric sex!
Yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, 29, teaches students how to height­en sexual pleasure by toning their bodies, and sources say she’s hop­ing her technique will get the “30 Rock” star down the aisle.
“Hilaria is using all her yoga moves on Alec, and she’s gushed that she’s got him under her spell,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER.
Former flamenco dancer Hilaria em­phasized sexual toning while teaching recent­ly at the Yoga Vida studio in New York City.
“You have to keep yourself tight!” she told a class of wom­en. “Today we’ll do ‘mula bandha’ – a type of yoga that will strengthen your sex mus­cles!”
Alec, 53 – who plays meddling network boss Jack Donaghy on the NBC sitcom – began dating Hilaria in May, and she was on his arm at an East Hampton gala on Aug. 12.
“Hilaria hopes that a steady diet of tantric sex will close the age gap between her and Alec,” added the source. “Wedding bells are just around the corner!”
But insiders say the Emmy-winning actor’s 15-year-old daughter Ireland has in­sisted that her father wait to walk down the aisle.
And Alec – who swore off marriage after his vola­tile 2002 divorce from Ireland’s mother, ac­tress Kim Basinger – has agreed.
“Ireland is Alec’s number one girl,” said an inside source. “As much as he loves Hilaria, he won’t propose until Ireland is OK with it.”