Graphic Video!

WATCH: Woman Gunned Down As She Charges Cops From Burning Car

Full footage of shocking stand-off!

Cops have released the shocking full footage of a bizarre stand-off that ended with a deranged woman setting her car on fire — as she came out of the car with a steak knife!

Police in Elgin, Illinois, have released the shocking video — as seen above — taken from an officer’s bodycam in the suburb of Chicago. DeCynthia Clements, 34, was shot and killed on March 12 after holding police at bay for an hour.

The troubling footage above shows the final six minutes of DeCynthia Clements’s life. Officers had originally approached DeCynthia Clements’s SUV while it was parked. She drove off, and the officer who later pulled her over reported seeing drug paraphernalia in the front seat. The officer also reported seeing residue on DeCynthia Clements’s hands that he believed was the remnants of crack cocaine.

She had kept officers at bay by holding the steak knife to her own neck, and was creeping her car along the road. The fire seems to start after DeCynthia Clements throws a burning material into the SUV’s back seat.

Mauled By A Tiger — Horrific Aftermath Of Shock Video!

DeCynthia is seen being shot at the end of the video, as she emerges from the car with a knife in her hand. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Her family is proceeding with a lawsuit against the local police

The video didn’t impress attorneys Antonio Romanucci and Andrew Stroth, who are representing DeCynthia’s family. “This situation did not have to escalate to such a degree that cost a young woman her life,’ they said in response to the released footage. “As we move forward with this lawsuit, those responsible for DeCynthia’s death must be held accountable.”