Shock Video!

WATCH: Disgraced Doctor Beaten On United Flight — Full Footage

Disturbing story behind airline's PR disaster!

This video captures every angle of when Dr. David Dao, 69, was brutally beaten and dragged off a United Airlines flight — so that a United employee could take his seat!

It’s the most complete look yet at the disgusting spectacle — even an United Airlines’ stock plunges after the PR disaster.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz is also being blasted for a public statement where he said that Dao was “disruptive and belligerent” — when the video shot by his own customers show that the doctor was brutally dragged off the airplane!

In a bizarre twist, Dr. Dao is now taking a different kind of public-relations beating himself — as it’s revealed that the grandfather was once busted for supplying drugs to a gay client in return for sexual favors!

Just hours after winning the sympathy of the world, Dao was exposed for having once been indicted in Kentucky for “criminal acts of trafficking in a controlled substance, obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit, and unauthorized prescribing, dispensing or administering of controlled substances.”

United, meanwhile, saw the company’s stock plummet, with the airline losing $800 million of its value!