Health Crisis!

Tom Selleck ‘May Not Have Much Longer!’ Actor Forced Out of ‘Blue Bloods’ By Incurable Disease

He may not have much longer, source says!

As Tom Selleck turns 74, fans of the Magnum P.I. sensation are curious to know what has happened to him. The A-lister has been living on a 65-acre ranch in Ventura County, California for years, and his suttle shy from the spotlight las left many concerned about his health and career. So it turns out, Selleck may be stepping away from TV — for good this time!


As The National EXAMINER reported, Selleck is in poor health thanks to his crippling arthritis diagnosis, which bothers him “some days more than others,” according to a source. “Macho Tom is falling apart before our eyes,” an insider told the news outlet. “He may not have much longer!”

“Tom’s been struggling with a host of medical problems for some time now. The fear is that they may finally be overwhelming him!” the source added. “Tom’s been to doctors and learned techniques to alleviate the pain, but it’s a disease that isn’t going to go away.”

What happened to Tom Selleck

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That said, Selleck’s days of playing Frank Reagan on the CBS series Blue Bloods (he’s been on the show for nine seasons, appearing in nearly 200 episodes) could be coming to an end. “Tom’s days as the car-jumping, scuba-diving action star are a thing of the past,” the insider tattled. “Like most stars, there’s a stunt double for dangerous action shots, but Tom may even use the guy for simple scenes, like getting out of the police car.”

Selleck even recently ditched the recent Magnum P.I. reboot! “I told them that I won’t do some cameo guest spot to let the audience know I approve,” he said at the time. “I’m sure they’d like it, but I have an obligation to my version.”

Perhaps the mustache maven said no to focus on his well-being. A source asked, “He’s incredibly proud of the work they’ve done but how much longer can he make it?”