Language Advisory!

Steven Seagal Caught On Tape In Woman-Hating Rant

Blasts female journalists — 'They should go into pornography!'

Steven Seagal has been caught in a humiliating new sex scandal — as the action star launches into a vile rant against female journalists!

As previously reported by The National ENQUIRER, the faded hero has been accused of sexually harassing innocent actresses for decades.

But the disturbing audio above — first found by the UK paper Daily Mail — exposes the disturbing extent of Seagal’s problems with women!

“When somebody is on tour,” he rants, “a promotional tour, he’s there to talk about his film — not about who he’s f**ked or who he would like to f**k, or who his wife was with ten years ago!”

The allegedly spiritual star then viciously adds: “They should go into pornography or something else instead of journalism if they want to hear that s**t!”

Sadly, the man conducting the interview at the time only laughs along with Seagal — now accused of sexual harassment by stars including Jenny McCarthy, Rae Dawn Chong and Jaime Pressly.